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DiabloSport Intune DCX 2011+ Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep

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DiabloSport Intune Vehicle Application Chart:

The vehicle application chart below will be updated as more applications are added to it. The current software release will support the vehicles listed below.

Pre-installed Tune Choices:
  • 93 Octane Performance Tune
  • 91 Octane Performance Tune
  • 87 Octane Performance Tune (Truck Only)
  • Mileage Booster Tune (Truck Only)
  • Modify Stock (allows you to use the adjustable parameters to modify a copy of the stock tune)
Adjustable Parameters:  The following adjustable parameters can be used by the end user to tailor the Pre-installed Tune Choices to your liking.
  • Adjust the Speed Limiter/Governor
  • Gear and Tire Size Speedometer Recalibration
  • Adjust the Rev Limiter
  • Adjust Fuel and Ignition Timing
  • Disable Active Fuel Management (To stay in V8 mode all the time)
  • Shift Firmness (5.7L Cars Only)
  • Throttle Booster to adjust throttle response to your liking
  • MPG Booster (Trucks Only)


Intune is the latest and greatest handheld tuner on the market today. DiabloSport created the Intune to be the most affordable, fastest, versatile, and easiest to use handheld flash tuner on the market. Each Diablo Intune comes pre-loaded with DiabloSport's famous "canned" tunes that are pre-configured from countless hours of dyno engineering and road testing by ex-OEM Calibrators to extract the most out of your vehicle. Furthermore, the Intune will appeal to advanced users that want to tweak more out of their vehicle or other aftermarket parts using the vehicle specific "Adjustable Parameters" or work with a certified DiabloSport CMR dealer/dyno tuner to create and download a completely custom tune into your DiabloSport Intune. The Intune by DiabloSport also offers you OEM-Level diagnostics (code reading and clearing) and vehicle data-logging capabilities by using its over 1GB (gigabyte) of internal memory. By purchasing the Intune you have the highest quality tunes, most advanced technology, cutting edge software, easiest to use interface, and the DiabloSport brand name you can trust.

Diablo Intune Features:

  • Wide Range of Vehicle Applications Supported:

    The Intune is designed to be one part number that supports many different vehicle applications. This means that, while you only get license to tune one vehicle at a time, you have the flexibility to keep and re-use this item when you change vehicles. All you have to do is return the first vehicle back to stock and the Intune will be unlocked and ready to install on your next Intune-supported vehicle. This feature adds value by saving you from having to sell and buy another part number to support your new vehicle application. Don't worry about software updates for that "other" vehicle either, because those are free.
  • Easy to Use Interface: Simple 4 Step Tuning

    DiabloSport designed the Intune color touchscreen interface and menus to be simple and straightforward. Furthermore, they have designed the Intune with a built-in user manual and help sections so that using the Intune is fun and efficient.
  • No Additional PC Software Required:

    Unlike older technology flash tuners, the Diablo Intune is designed to act like an external hard drive when it is connected to your PC (USB cable is included). So, just like when you connect a digital camera card or thumb drive to your PC, the Intune will install all the necessary drivers by itself to quickly and easily allow you to use it while connected to your PC. This feature streamlines issues like extracting your original backup vehicle software, installing CMR dealer custom tunes, updating the Intune software, or exporting and viewing a datalog recorded from a recent test drive.
  • MAC Compatible:

The DiabloSport Intune is MAC compatible to support drag and drop file transfer and updates
  • 1GB (Gigabyte) of Internal Memory:

    Advanced users will appreciate this feature the most. By having a large amount of memory the Intune can record data from longer test drives, gather input from more vehicle sensors (PIDs) during that test drive, and also install many custom tunes to change between.
  • Small Compact Size:

    Diablo Sport designed the Intune to be about 10% smaller than your average smart phone. This makes it easy to carry in your pocket, glove box, center console, or in a drawer in your office. The cord is detachable and there is no separate battery or power supply needed. It uses the power supplied by your vehicle's diagnostic port when plugged into your vehicle for use. When connected to your PC, the Intune will run off of the power supplied through the USB connection. The Diablo Sport Intune is small, convenient, and efficient.
  • Full OEM Level Scan Tool and Diagnostics:

    The Intune will also serve as a diagnostic code reader/scanner that will allow you to read and also erase trouble codes. You no longer need to pay a local technician to read and erase a diagnostic code to turn off that annoying check engine light. Advanced users will also appreciate the previously mentioned data-logging feature that allows you to record vehicle sensor data during a test drive. Being able to record and review what the vehicle is doing during a test drive can help diagnose an issue or improve performance further by giving the advanced user or technician the information they need.
  • Most Adjustable Parameters on the Market:

    The amazing thing about DiabloSport's tuning platform is that they offer a solution for the novice and advanced users within the same Intune interface. The novice will probably stick with the Intune supplied "canned tunes" for their vehicle. The advanced users have a desire to test and tweak their vehicle settings. The Intune's adjustable parameters help to satisfy your desire to make your own adjustments to your vehicle such as re-calibrating your speedometer for a different or new tire size or gear ratio. Or maybe you want to tweak the shift settings of your automatic transmission or fuel and spark timing. While the exact list of parameters and specific adjustments available will vary by vehicle application, rest assured that the Intune will offer most users what they are looking for to meet their needs. If the list of adjustable parameters doesn't meet your needs, you can always contact a CMR dealer to have a custom tune made for your setup and you can easily install that tune into your Intune through your PC.
  • Analog Input:

The Diablo Sport Intune allows you to hook up an analog input from a sensor such as wide band oxygen sensor or EGT (exhaust gas temperature) sensor, etc.
  • Dual Processors:

    DiabloSport equipped the Intune with dual processors to make the flash programming process as fast as possible. Every user wants to minimize the time it takes to install the software and enjoy the drive afterward. The dual processors help to make that a reality.
  • Pre-Loaded with Multiple "Canned" Tunes:

    DiabloSport is known for their tuning prowess. The Intune includes pre-configured, dyno engineered, and road tested tunes for your specific vehicle. Although there is only one Intune part number for a wide range of vehicles, the Intune is pre-loaded with all of the software settings and tunes to maximize your vehicle's performance. That is a common customer question. It works like this - after the Intune reads your vehicle's PCM software, it identifies which vehicle you have and the software strategy and then automatically installs the correct DiabloSport settings based on the "tune" you selected. These tunes are designed by DiabloSport engineers after countless hours of dyno and road testing to increase power, torque, and driving dynamics. And, in case you want something more, the previously mentioned adjustable parameters can be used to tweak these "canned" tunes to tailor them to your needs. Remember, this is more than just a set it and forget it delivery device that you will never use again. It can be if you want to just install the canned tunes and leave it at that, but most users will appreciate the fact that the Intune is also a tool and not just a delivery device.
  • All New "Vehicle Protocol Detection Engine":

    This is a fancy term but it is designed to simplify use and installation. Basically, the Intune uses this new technology to automatically evaluate your car's PCM and provides you with all of the available tunes and settings for your vehicle. This technology is necessary to make the Diablo Sport Intune compatible with various makes, models, and years within one part number.
  • Warranty Safe:

    Another common customer concern resolved by the DiabloSport Intune. Unlike some of the competition's products, the Intune does not leave any footprint, fingerprint, watermark, trace etc. on your vehicle's PCM after you return the vehicle back to stock. This means that if you return your vehicle back to stock by restoring the original backup recorded by the Intune, the dealer will not be able to see that the Intune was ever installed. This important feature will allow the technician to perform an honest and thorough diagnosis for the warranty repair without the worry of service drive finger pointing.
  • Made In The USA:

    By purchasing the Diablo Intune, you are supporting the future of American ingenuity, manufacturing, and our way of life. Unlike our competitors and despite the common trend for electronic devices, the Intune is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the US.
  • Free U.S. Based Tech Support:

    In addition to supporting American manufacturing, you are also supporting US tech support personnel. Unlike the current trend for US companies to use offshore tech support call centers with personnel that you can barely understand and that use made up names, Diablo Sport includes free tech support by phone, email, and online forum. And the DiabloSport technicians are not some 3rd party call center with no knowledge of the Intune. These technicians are located in the same building where your Intune was designed and built and where the tunes made for your vehicle were developed.
  • Free Online Updates For Life:

    As new features, vehicle tunes, and vehicle applications are developed and released, you can take advantage of them for free. Online updates are easy too. The Intune will automatically check with DiabloSport for any updates when you connect it to your home or office PC using the included USB cable.
  • Quality:

    The Intune is built with stainless steel construction using the latest in technology and cutting edge software. Every Intune that DiabloSport produces is individually tested, not batch tested like the competition, to ensure the lowest defect rate possible. The tuning software included in your Intune is developed by ex-OEM calibrators that use a state of the art facility to bring you the most powerful, safest, and reliable tunes available today.

How to Install the DiabloSport Intune:

  1. Plug the included OBD-II cable into the OBD-II connector of your vehicle located under the dash.
  2. The Intune will turn on and boot up the software.
  3. Using the touchscreen interface with your finger, select "Tuning" from the main menu.
  4. From the "Tune" menu select "Tune Vehicle".
  5. Select the tune of your choice.
  6. Allow the Intune to read/copy your vehicle's factory software (referred to as the original backup)
  7. The Intune will then write the new tune you selected to your vehicle.
  8. After installation is completed, you can disconnect the cable, start the car, and enjoy the driving experience. You do not need to keep the Intune connected to the vehicle after the installation process has been completed. The new tune you installed is saved by the vehicle.
  9. You can return the vehicle back to stock at any time by simply reconnecting the Intune to your vehicle and selecting "Restore Vehicle" under the Tune Menu.

What Comes In the Box?

Intune - What's Comes In the Box
  1. Intune Handheld Tuner Part Number I-1000-DCX
  2. Intune Box
  3. Intune OBD-II Cable
  4. Intune USB Cable (for connection to your home or office PC)
  5. Intune Quick Start Guide
  6. DiabloSport Promotional Item
  7. Digital Intune User Manual (installed on the Intune internal memory)

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