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U7170 DiabloSport 1999-2003 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel Predator Programmer Tuner

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Current revision for the Diablo Predator 1999-2003 7.3L Powerstroke F-Series is 9R04. It is displayed on the main menu of all newer Predators.

Important Information about the new 9R04 software update:

  • Completely re-worked vehicle tuning:
    • Improved power
    • Better throttle response
    • Better driveability
    • Better fuel economy
  • New end user adjustable parameters:
    • Adjustable shift points
      • Part throttle Shift Point Adjustments (MPH based)
        • Adjust 1-2 Upshift MPH
        • Adjust 2-3 Upshift MPH
        • Adjust 3-4 Upshift MPH
        • Adjusting the speeds for upshifts allows you to instruct the vehicle to upshift into overdrive sooner and thereby cutting down engine speeds (RPM) to increase fuel economy.
      • Full Throttle (WOT) Shift Point Adjustments (RPM based)
        • Adjust 1-2 Upshift RPM
        • Adjust 2-3 Upshift RPM
        • Adjust 3-4 Upshift RPM
        • Adjusting the engine speeds (RPM) for upshifts allow syou to instruct the vehicle when to upshift to the next gear during full throttle (WOT) situations like passing or performance situations.
    • Adjustable shift firmness
      • Parth throttle shift firmness (shift pressure)
        • Adjust 1-2 shift firmness
        • Adjust 2-3 shift firmness
        • Adjust 3-4 shift firmness
        • Adjusting the part throttle shift firmness allows you to independently tailor the shift firmness (shift feel) to your needs and desires. A more abrupt shift action will cut down on transmission slippage while towing or performance driving and a softer shift action may be desired for more comfort.
      • Full Throttle (WOT) shift firmness (shift pressure)
        • Adjust 1-2 shift firmness
        • Adjust 2-3 shift firmness
        • Adjust 3-4 shift firmness
        • Adjusting the full throttle shift firmness allows you to independently tailor the shift firmness (shift feel) to your needs and desires. A more abrupt shift action will cut down on transmission slippage while towing/passing or performance driving and a softer shift action may be desired for more comfort.
    • Global Line Pressure Adjustment
      • Increasing the global line pressure is like installing a shift kit in the transmission where a different valve body is installed. But with this adjustment you are increasing the shift pressure globally through the computer tuning rather than having to drop the oil pan and install a differnt valve body. For customer's needing even more line pressure, an aftermarket valve body shift kit can also be installed and fine tuned using this adjustment.
    • Adjustable speed limiter up or down (as low as 65 mph, great feature for fleet vehicles)
    • Tire and Rear End Gear size adjustments for proper transmission shifting (Note: this will NOT adjust the OEM speedometer as the speedometer is controlled by the ABS computer, not the vehicle PCM.) This adjustment is valuable because the PCM uses vehicle speed (MPH) to control part throttle shift points. Installing larger/smaller tires and different rear end gear ratios will throw off the shift points unless this parameter is used to correct that.
    • End user can now enable/disable Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) in Excursions
The User Manual is available for download.

Predator Applications

The Diablo Predator 1999-2003 7.3L Powerstroke F-Series is applicable for the following vehicles:
  • 1999-2003 7.3L Power Stroke F-Series
  • 1999-2003 7.3L Power Stroke Medium Duty F650 and F750
  • 1999-2003 7.3L Power Stroke Econoline Van and Club Wagon
  • 7.3L Power Stroke Excursion
Note: we are compatible with the following F-series vehicles: F250, F350, F450, F550, F650, and F750.

What is the Predator? The DiabloSport Predator for 1999-2003 7.3L Powerstroke F-Series is a state-of-the art, high performance tuning flash programmer in a sleek handheld design. Unlike other 'tuners', DiabloSportís programming is performed in very small increments throughout the entire RPM range, for a smoother, wider and a more predictable power delivery.

Why to get DiabloSport Predator?
  • Currently the only flash tuner for Ford Powerstroke that offers four tunes
  • The flash tuner that offers adjustable transmission shift pressure
  • Performance Tune changes made in 45 seconds
  • The only flash tuner allowing you to get revision updates via Internet.
  • The only flash tuner with advanced OBD-II scanner capability:
    • read fault codes (DTCs) and their description in plain English (no need for extra books!)
    • both standard and proprietary fault code text included
    • reset fault codes
    • live data monitoring
  • The flash tuner with a true graphical display that's 300% larger then the competition's puny text only display
  • The flash tuner running on a custom high performance, multi-threading KROS operating system
Dyno Tested Performance Tunes

The Predator was created with one thing in mind, POWER!

A Predator equipped vehicle will notice significant improvements in drivability. The additional power and improved shift patterns created by the Predator tune will yield quicker acceleration, firmer shifts, better mileage and improved towing characteristics, whether it is in town or out on the highway towing an 8,000 lbs trailer.

The power increase in the lower RPMs will yield a better throttle response; help maintain speeds on inclines and towing. The wider power band that the Predator creates will be particularly noticeable in city driving, where speeds constantly change. The mid-to-upper power increase is extremely useful on the highway when passing slower vehicles and to quickly maneuver out of emergency situations.

Predator contains four tunes to choose from:

  • Stock Tune:Stock power output but with adjustable parameters. Used for end user adjustment of speed limiter and transmission functions.
  • +40 RWHP and 100-ft/lb TQ - Tow Tune, made specifically for towing. DiabloSport recommended weight limitations based on manufacturer suggested limits for the vehicle.
  • +85 RWHP and 198-ft/lb TQ - Economy Performance Tune, designed for Economy and Performance, fuel economy depends solely on driving style, and will vary from vehicle to vehicle. DiabloSport recommended weight limitations of 8,000 Lbs.
  • +110 RWHP and 215-ft/lb TQ - XPerformance Tune, designed specifically for opening a can of whoop-ass (pardon the expression). DiabloSport recommends this tune not be used for towing.

DiabloSport recommends the use of larger diameter performance exhaust components and exhaust temperature gauges with the use of any performance diesel tuning.

DiabloSport also recommends to install the transmission replacement PowerValve for improved shifting when using high performance tunes.

Adjustable Parameters

The Predator features end user adjustable parameters so the end user can customize his/her tune depending on other modifications done to the vehicle.

The Predator allows the end user to adjust the following parameters:

  • Speed Limiters
  • Adjust Tire Size and Rear End Gear Ratio settings for correct part throttle shift points. (does not re-calibrate OEM speedometer as it is controlled by the ABS computer)
  • Global Line Pressure
  • Part Throttle Shift Points
  • Part Throttle Shift Firmness
  • Full Throttle Shift Points
  • Full Throttle Shift Firmness
Diagnostics and Live Data Logging

The Predators diagnostic features allows end user scan and erase fault codes as well as monitor live data while driving. Predator can read and erase fault codes, and contains all the Ford diesel specific P codes. Predator diagnostics will work on all 6.0L Powerstroke vehicles.

The diagnostics features can be used on any Ford OBDII vehicle, regardless if the tool has locked itself to a specific vehicle or not.

Data logging is available as well. Logging stores 30 minutes of data, with slow rate the logging allows for up to 90 minutes.

The log can be viewed in Diablo Predator, or it can be uploaded to your PC for viewing with the FREE DiabloSport DAT Viewer for Windows software.

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