Klasse Wax Dynamic Duo Kit

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After many inquiries we finally brought this amazing combo together at a bargain price.

This combo is a true dynamic duo. The Klasse ALL-IN-ONE does all the dirty work of removing oxidation, swirl marks, minor scratches, wax buildup, and protects for months not weeks. It can be used on the car and all over the house. Any non-porous surface can benefit from Klasse Protection. The acrylic formula is not a polymer and will outlast any carnauba and provide superior gloss and protection.

The other half of this great duo is the High Gloss Sealant Glaze which can be layered, unlike the ALL-IN-ONE, to enhance the depth and clarity of the finish, and extend the protection even longer. Show cars have many many coats on them. The more thin coats of this product the better.

Both of these great products from Germany have made Klasse spread like wild fire thorought the US and the world. Make the investment. You wont regret it. These products save you money and labor in the long run with better results that last longer using less liquid than the cheap stuff you buy in chain stores. As an investment you cant go wrong with Klasse.

What you get this kit:

Klasse ALL-IN-ONE 16.9 oz

Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze 16.9 oz



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