Klasse Wax Fiercesome Foursome Microfiber Kit

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This is the kit that everyone has been waiting for. We give you all of the Klasse Products Made in Germany in one big kit. We then take it even further by including a number of Microfiber Products that make this deal that you just cant pass up.

We give you the legendary Klasse ALL-IN-ONE to prep the paint by removing old wax buildup and oxidation, hide swirl marks and minor scratches, and provide that amazing long lasting acrylic protection and incredible gloss shine. This product lasts months not weeks like other brands. You can even use the ALL-IN-ONE to fix skipping CD's. It practically pays for itself. Just spread it on and wipe it off, its that easy.

We then give you the amazing Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze to add depth and clarity to the finish as well as extend the acrylic protection last months more than the ALL-IN-ONE. The great thing abou this product is that it can be layered unlike the ALL-IN-ONE. Show cars use 10 or more coats, the more thin coats you apply the better. How many you put on is up to you. The more layers you apply the better the shine and protection.

To clean and protect your interior we give you a versatile all-in-one product called Klasse V-L-R. This amazing product will clean and protect your Vinyl, Leather, Rubber, and Plastic with a non greasy semi gloss finish and UV filter. It does not contain silicone and will restore the color and feel of faded and cracked surfaces. A must have if you want to take of your interior as much as you do your exterior.

To clean the stubborn dirt and grim on your wheels and engine safely Klasse gives you the Klasse Wheel Cleaner and Engine Degreaser. This great product is acid free and safely and effectivley cuts through the tough brake dust and baked on grime. Just spray on, let dry, and hose off. Its that easy. Two products in one. This saves you money and time. That is what Klasse is known for.

The whole Klasse line is all about saving you time and money and giving you better results. You cant lose with Klasse products.

To help you apply these great products we include a bundle of Microfiber products. We give you only MICROFIBER APPLICATOR PADS to safely apply these products, not the cheap foam or terry pads. To remove these products we include Thick and Plush Microfiber Towels that cling to residue and extract it from the surface as it absorbs it into the thick pile, leaving nothing behind but a nice gloss and no lint.

This Kit Includes:

Klasse ALL-IN-ONE 10 oz

Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze 16.9 oz

Klasse V-L-R 8.5 oz

Klasse Wheel Cleaner And Degreaser 16.9 oz


Two Thick Plush Microfiber Towels



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