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Klasse Wheel and Tire Care Microfiber Kit

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Finally a Wheel and Tire Kit that encompasses cleaning and protecting. That is what it takes to do the job right.

It comes with one Klasse Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner that is safe for all wheel finishes. Just spray it on and hose off. Its that simple. Spray it on the tires too to clean the road grime and old tire dressing off too.

Next it comes with Stoner's More Shine Less Time Tire Care. Spray one coat on the tire to give it a satin finish and then a second to make it high gloss. It will last weeks and will not run or drip and be messy like other tire dressings.

To polish and protect the wheels I recommend the Small 10 oz. Klasse All-in-One. This great acrylic formula will polish oxidation and will protect the wheels from brake dust contaminants and make washing them a breeze. It is also heat resistant so it can withstand the hot temperatures the brakes create.

Lastly it includes two microfiber applicator pads to help scrub with the Klasse Wheel Cleaner for tough buildup and also to apply the Klasse All-in-One. It also includes a 16" x 16" Fine Micro Fiber Towel to buff the wheels to a shine.

So protect those expensive shiny rims right with these great products and save some money too to buy those gripping tires.


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