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U7194 Diablo Predator 2006-2012 Corvette 2008-2009 Pontiac G8 2010-2012 Camaro 6.2L & 2007-2012 GM Truck/SUV

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Current Revision for the Diablo Predator U7194 is 9R25. It is displayed on all current Predators. Owner's Manual: Click here to see the Owner's Manual. Revision History:
  • December 12th, 2006: 8R01
    • Release Revision
  • January 8th, 2007: 8R02
    • Fixed backup issue on 6.2L motors.
    • Added support for 6.0L (Y) motors
  • February 20th, 2007: 8R03
    • Improved Truck/SUV Tunes
    • Fixed Speed Limiter Adjustment
    • Tire Size Adjustable Parameter Added
    • CAGS Skip Shift ON/OFF Adjustable Parameter Added
  • February 28th, 2007: 8R04
    • Fixed speed simiter for 5.3L motors.
    • Added support for old 6.2L motor calibration.
  • March 23rd, 2007: 8R05
    • Support for new GM Calibrations (CalID's)
  • April 27th, 2007: 8R06
    • Fix for custom tune import
  • November 29th, 2007: 8R09
    • Support for new updated calibrations for 2007 vehicles.
    • Support for 2008 Trucks and SUV's
    • Support for Hummer H2
    • End User ability to turn DoD (Displacement on Demand) off
  • December 5th, 2007: 8R10
    • Fix for support for VIN Engine Code = "0" 5.3L Motors.
    • Fix for support of VIN Engine Codes = "Y" and "K" 6.0L Motors.
  • April 3rd, 2008: 9R03
    • Fix for Modify Parameters not working in 9R01
  • July 24th, 2008: 9R04
    • Internal Update -- No tuning changes
  • July 31st, 2008: 9R05
    • Support for 2008 Corvette LS3 V8 and LS7 Z06 Vehicles
  • December 15th, 2008: 9R05a
    • Support for 2009 vehicles
    • All truck tunes redone for better WOT (Full Throttle) shifts and better fuel economy.
    • 2007 6.0L "Y" and "K" motor truck support temporarily removed due to issue, will be updated and added back shortly when fixed
  • March 18th, 2009: 9R07
    • Support added for 2009 model year vehicles
    • Support for new GM PCM programming process
    • Added support for 2007 6.0L "Y" and "K" Motors.
  • September 1st, 2009: 9R08
    • Added support for 2008-2009 Pontiac G8, GT and GXP
    • Added support for 2010 Camaro with LS3 and L99 engines
    • More complete support for 2009 model year vehicles
    • Support for 5 custom tunes
    • Spark adjustment changed from percentage to degrees and ranges changed to take into account peak torque rpm
    • Fuel adjustment ranges changed to adjust settings better around peak torque rpm.
  • October 22nd, 2009: 9R10
    • More vehicle calibrations supported
  • December 9th, 2009: 9R12
    • More vehicle calibrations supported
  • December 23rd, 2009: 9R13
    • Fixed "Cut Error" message
    • Added support for missing vehicle calibrations
    • Fixed 2010 Camaro Adjustable Parameters for DoD/AFM disable and others.
  • February 19th, 2010: 9R14
    • Support added to many more calibrations
    • Support for 2010 Corvette C6/Z06 added
    • Support for 2010 GM Truck/SUV added
  • August 17th, 2010:
    • Added support for 2011 Camaro 6.2L V8
    • Added support for additional software calibrations
  • August 25th, 2011:
    • Mileage Booster Tune added for Truck and SUV applications
    • Support for additional calibrations added
U7194 Predator Applications:

Gas Vehicles Engine U7194 U7194 U7194 U7194 U7194 U7194U7194
Chevrolet Corvette C6 LS2/LS3
Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06 LS7
Chevrolet Tahoe(new body style) 5.3L,6.0L
Chevrolet Suburban(new body style) 5.3L,6.0L
GMC Yukon(new body style) 5.3L,6.0L
Cadillac Escalade(new body style) 6.2L
Chevrolet Avalanche(new body style) 5.3L,6.0L
Chevrolet Silverado(new body style) 4.8L,5.3L,6.0L
GMC Sierra(new body style) 4.8L,5.3L,6.0L,6.2L
Hummer H2 6.2L

Pontiac G8 GT/GXP* 6.0L / 6.2L

Camaro SS 6.2L LS3 / L99

YEAR 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 20112012

NOTE: Very early calibrations are not supported, update by GM dealer to "Current Software" might be required for some. GM Software update fixes numerous production bugs and is neccessary to ensure proper performance and tuning.

To find out about the available PCM updates for your vehicle, please enter your VIN or CalID numbers at this website: GM Service Updates Database. This information will help you with getting the necessary GM dealer warranty update reflash if the Predator requests it. This is not neccessary to do unless the Diablo Predator refuses to install because of an old GM PCM calibration.

Important Missing Calibration Information: The Predator was recently re-designed to identify and analyze your vehicle's computer for a supported operated system. There are many operating systems released by GM for their products within a given model year as well as new operating system updates performed by your local dealer under warranty service. If your vehicles's operating system is currently not supported then there is a procedure necessary for the Predator to be updated via the internet to support your vehicle's unique software calibration. You will need a power adapter and serial cable or USB-Serial Adapter. These are called PC Interface Kits. We offer both the U7777 Serial PC Interface Kit and U7778 USB PC Interface Kit. If the Predator states that your vehicle's operating system is not supported then the Predator will attempt to record a copy of it. This copy of your GM software will be able to be exported to your Windows PC (MAC supported only when running a Windows OS). After exporting the data, you can email it to DiabloSport tech support and they will decode it, test it, and publish a new Predator software revision that can be downloaded and installed into the Predator over the internet from your PC. All of the necessary software for the PC interface and software updates are free from DiabloSport. There is no deadline or scheduled timeline for Predator updates. Some updates take longer to develop and publish than others. It is important to understand this information prior to ordering as you may have to wait for a software update for the Predator to work on your vehicle. DiabloSport does not want their customers to have a $300+ paperweight but it must be understood that if GM never changed the computer software during and after production of a vehicle, then the inconvenience of these Predator updates would not be necessary. All terms and conditions apply to these sales, no exceptions.

What is the Diablosport Predator?

The Diablo Predator is a state-of-the art, high performance tuning flash programmer in a sleek handheld design. Once connected to the vehicle, the DiabloSport Predator's internal computer recognizes the vehicles PCM and automatically picks the proper tuning files designed specifically for that PCM. Inside the Diablo Predator's memory are the actual tuning files that optimize spark timing and air/fuel ratio curves. Unlike other 'tuners', DiabloSport's programming is performed in very small increments throughout the entire RPM range, for a smoother, wider and a more predictable power delivery. DiabloSport engineers spend many hours on the dyno, street and track to ensure the tunes provided with the Predator are the best they can be.

Dyno Tested Performance Tunes

The Diablo Sport Predator was created with one thing in mind, POWER!

Average power gains are 10-20 RWHP for cars and 20-30 RWHP for Trucks/SUVs. And 25 RWHP increase on Z06 Corvettes.
The Diablo Predator's additional power makes itself noticeable immediately with an increase in power that starts in the low RPMs and builds into a frenzy at the high RPMs.

A Predator equipped vehicle will notice significant improvements in drivability. The additional power created by the Predator tune will yield quicker acceleration and better mileage, whether it is in town or out on the highway.

The power increase in the lower RPMs will yield a better throttle response. The increase in MPG is a byproduct of maximized engine efficiency, the improved timing curve and air/fuel ratio creates a more complete combustion, i.e. the engine extracts more power from each molecule of gasoline.
Pre-done Performance Tunes Included with the Predator:
  • GM GAS TRUCKS 15-20 RWHP 15-20 FT/LBS WITH 87 Octane Fuel
  • CORVETTE C6 15-20 RWHP 20-25 FT/LBS
  • CORVETTE Z06 25 RWHP 20-25 FT/LBS
  • PONTIAC G8 GT/GXP 20-25 RWHP 20-25 FT/LBS
  • CAMARO SS 20 RWHP 20-25 FT/LBS
  • New Mileage Booster Tune (Truck/SUV Only)
  • Copy of the Stock Tune for End User Modifications
The above mentioned Performance programming in the Diablo Predator changes many parameters in the computer to optimize performance and driver satisfcation including, but not limited to:
  • Spark Timing
  • Fuel Mixture
  • Fan Speeds
  • Torque Management (Stock GM settings reduce throttle response and acceleration)
  • Extend Speed Limiters (most applications)
  • Extend Rev Limiters
  • CAGS Disable in Manual Transmission (Also known as "Skip Shift"-- Corvettes Only)
  • Updateable via the Internet (Must have Optional PC Interface Kit)
  • No VIN Lock (Diablo Predator can be reset)
  • Read and Writes the vehicle in about 45 seconds
  • Monitor Air/Fuel ratio from the diagnostics menu
  • Accepts custom tunes to calibrate ANY bolt-on setup
  • And many more...
U7194 DiabloSport Predator Dyno Charts:

DiabloSport Predator 2007 C6 Z06 Dyno Chart

2007 C6 Z06 Corvette DiabloSport Predator Dyno Graph

DiabloSport Predator 2007 Silverado Vortec Max Dyno Chart

2007 Silverado Vortec Max DiabloSport Predator Dyno Graph

The Pre-done Performance tunes in the Diablo Predator are adequate for stock or slightly modified (street legal bolt-ons) vehicles. The Predator is also equipped with End-User Adjustable Parameters that will allow the end-user the ability to tailor the tunes to their needs. Or, the Diablo Predator can receive custom tuning created by a professional tuning facility either locally or receive it over the internet and install it into the Diablo Predator with the Optional PC Interface Kit.

End-User Adjustable Parameters for the Diablo Predator P/N: U7194
  • Idle RPM Adjustment for Drive and Neutral
    • Use to adjust for different injector sizes
    • Use to adjust long term fuel trims (LTFT's)
    • Use to further dial-in Air/Fuel ratios if needed
  • WOT Fuel (Wide Open Throttle)
    • Adjustment for 2,000 RPM-3,800 RPM
    • Adjustment for 4,000 RPM-4,900 RPM
    • Adjustment for 5,000 RPM-7,000 RPM
  • WOT Spark (Wide Open Throttle)
    • Adjustment for 1,000 RPM-3,800 RPM
    • Adjustment for 4,000 RPM-5,000 RPM
    • Adjustment for 5,200 RPM-7,000 RPM
  • Rev Limiter Adjustment
  • Tire Size Adjustment (On Select Models)
  • Speed Limiter Adjustment (Truck and SUV only)
  • Read and Write time is approximately 60 seconds
  • Read and Clear Diagnostic Codes (Check Engine Lights)
  • Live Data Monitoring and Data Logging (Must have Optional PC Interface Kit)

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